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Google Can Remember Things for You

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How do you remember important things that you think you might forget? Some depends on their brain to memorize information while others prefer  writing things down on post-it notes. There are ton of digital note-taking apps in play store  that can also help you remember anything with ease.

There’s another interesting option from Google that you may wish to explore for remembering things. It’s called Google Assistant, the voice assistant app that is now available on newer Android phones. If you don’t have one, you can still use Google assistant inside the Google Allo app that is available for both iPhone and Android.

Let Google Remember Things for you To get started, say “OK Google” to launch Google Assistant on your phone and then say “Remember ..” followed by information you would like Google to remember. For instance, you could say:
Remember my favorite color is blueRemember that my registration number is ---Remember tha…

See all your Google Contacts on a Google Map

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Every one wishes to know where their family or friends are. There is an open source web application for all those people who wish that which is called the My Contacts. It helps you understand and see the current location of your contacts by visualizing your Google contacts in the Google Maps. It works by reading the addresses of your contacts on your Google contacts app and places them on a Google Map with the help of a simple Google script.
All it takes is a very simple and easy process to turn your contacts into a map.

You need to open the Maps web app  and authorize it by logging in with your Google accountAuthorization is compulsory as it needs to read the addresses of your contacts, it also requires access to your Google Drive as it saves the longitude and latitude of the addresses in a Google sheetAfter you are done with authorizing, you will directed to a page where you just have to click on the Fetch contacts …