What is Momo Challenge ( only for educational purpose and parental care)

Momo Challenge...!

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This is another life threatening   games in front of the teenage after blue whale.

We must keep watch on our teenagers which handling independent internet.

So what is Momo challenge.

Momo is a social media account on whats app, face book and you tube, which is using the image of horror art work called mother bird by link factory to induce curiosity among children challenging them to communicate with an unknown number.

As per cyber crime Momo challenge is nothing but a hoax which is aimed to stealing information.

This creepy account appears to be connected to three numbers in Japan, Mexico and Columbia.
If a user refuses to the game's  orders ,Momo threaten them with violent  images.

In the latest instant of social media wrongly influenced children and teens, the suicide of twelve year girl in Argentina is reported being linked to Momo challenge.

So take care of your children's.

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