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Hello friends,
     In this world if there are problems there are solutions also.and behind every problem there is excellent idea of great business.

So today I am going to discuss four big problems if solve this problems you will earn in Million.

From this four problem if you solve any single problem also you will definitely earn in  Million .

You may think  its impossible. but before last fifteen to twenty years smart phone is a impossible thing, no body think that with small smart phone you can do lots of big works.

If you think there is nothing impossible in this world so read this article carefully.

So lets see what are these problems.

First problem

Viable Alternative  of  Plastic.

Now a days plastice is the biggest problem in the world. Because of plastic environment is spoiling. 

If we see all over the plastic market  it is approximately 650 billion dollars.
And till 2050 only for packing industry will reach 350 dollars.

YOu have seen lots of videos and photos that how plastic is spoiling environment.

In Maharashtra and Upper Pradesh, plastic is completely banned.

In this world there should be a good plastic alternative solution.

Such alternative which is strong like strong, easily recycled, cheap and easy to make.

Recently I had seen in one video anybody had made a bag like plastic from corn (wheat).

It is same like plastic carry bag . But these are so eco friendly that it dissolve in water.

 And so safe that we can drink aslo.

But it is very costly and not big amount of production. 

So if Anybody solving this problem means the alternative of plastic.and easily producable so you can be next billioner.

Second problem  The deficiency  of water.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Says " the third world war take place over the water issue.

I think its correct.

The report of 2016  says ," in this world 9 out of one person don't have to clean water. "

till 2018 it will be 100 crore and till 2025 two third of the population will not have access of clean water.

So there are lots of places where we are searching for water. and that's whys  the farmers are doing suicide .

This situation is not only limited for India,but this year  South Africa's big city Cape town  is also suffer from water issue.\

But it is not like that water is finished from our earth , in fact earth's surface  is covering 70 percentage of water.

But only 3 percentage water is only for drinking.
 and 2/3 water is in glaciers. which is we can not use.

So the water issue is not for earth but its for us.

So many people don't get  clean water , and they are dying because lack of clean water.

So if you provide any solution for clean water, or any technology you can develop for home which gives the solution how control on wastewater and reuse water to the farms with sewage system . as farms needs lots of water.
If you can develop this system or better option than this , then also you will be next millioner.

Third problem

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Energy Storage  This is universal truth that this world's future is depend upon electricity.

Our phones, gadgets, security system, home, bikes and even cars also depends upon  electricity.

But still today also 130 crore people don't get electricity. But I am telling that you make electricity. It is making and it will reach to that people . But there is big problem of electricity storage.
Electric cars must have big storage batteries and even our mobile phone should have big storage battery. we don't want to charge our battery.
  Whoever person find the solution of our battery backup he will be millionaire..

Means think if we charge mobile for 10 mins and it will be long lasting for one to two months.
One car like if we charge for one time and will drive for thousands of kilometer.

Think there is nothing impossible in this world.

Problem Four

Effective weight loss pill with side effect.

Experts says health industry in future it will reach in 1/2 trillion dollar.

This world is changing and first time people are dying because of  obesity instead of hunger. And most of the people are lazy.so if anybody research this pills that effective on weight loss and not having any side effects. then people will pay whatever you ask with happily.

That's why pharma company is spending in  lakhs for the research and development. 
In America , Viagra pills alone  doing business of 115 crores dollars which is only for males genders.
But this weight loss pills will work for both genders.

So friends these are the four main problem which  if you search any one problems solution then also you will be millionaire.

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