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 Hello Friends,

Today  I am going to share share the website which give you the product its products in 1 % of its price or less than that.

SO name of the website is BIDFORX.

In this website there are lots of auctions are ongoing , where you have to bid  on product and you will get it in 1 percentage or less than that.

How it works
You have go on BIDFORX website.

There are lots of products auctions are going on, when you chose that this product is going to take, there is auction is going on .

The starting price of bid is 0.00 rs and there is timer is also there, if timer is of 11 sec and you click on bid there price will increase with 0.01 rs.

This means you can buy this product in 0.01 rs.after clicking the timer increased by 12 sec.
if any person who is live he is also interested in that product & click on that bid then the  value of that product again increased by 1 paise and timer again increased by 12 sec.that means you can now get time to increase the bid by one paisa. now everyone is bidding and rate is increasing .
now at certain time , after biding you no body is clicking so final amount which you bid , in that amount you can buy that product.

whatever the product you are buying you can receive from Amazon, flip kart without shipping cost.

You also get the information about upcoming products also .

What is the profit of the company ,

The profit is that company sells the bids, in 10 rs you can purchase 1000 bids.

that means you can bid one thousand times.

when you sign up company is giving 1000 bids for free.

Even you can set the timer so when the timer ends it automatically bid for you.

and if you win that auction you can take that product afterwords.

All you have to do is spot BidforX posters on the back of an auto or in a newspaper; then take a picture of it and share it on Twitter and Facebook. Top 100 tweets or 100 shares will get 5,000 bids each.
Refer your friends with your code BACCGBAF and get 5000 bids free on their first recharge at BidforX.


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