Top Five websites to learn code

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Hello friends, 

  Today I am giving  to ten websites to learn the code. So starting i will tell you the best website for the beginners.

1) Freecode camp


In this website there are instructions for learning code you just fallow them and you will learn slowly and by practically .

2) Ondin project

This website is basically for learning web designing along with 36 lessons.. At the end of you will learn java script,and many more.

3)  Code in game

This website will improve your coding skill worth more than 25 language you will improve with programming skills that you want to learn. You have tutorials to learn how to code in games.

4)  Up skill 

The style of teaching is in conversation mode that you thinking that you are learning from friend.


This is the oldest website to learn java script, HTML, css and many more.They also offering why selection of html templates.
There are tutorails in the left side , read and fallo the instructions. So you can easily learn the language.


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