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Hello friends ,

 On T v there must be seen of virtual google assistance, apple siri, ok google. This is latest technology of virtual assistance. and by the end of 2050 it will more powerful tool become a virtual assistance. So how this virtual assistance made, It is made by artificial intelligence.

If you think which is the most complicated thing in this world , you may say maths or other complicated things but the answer is human brain which nobody ever complitely know. ou human brain is most powerful and having storage capacity of 10 lac GB.

So we are trying to make artificial intelligence which help in virtual assistance. So this complicated course is running by reputed institute in higher fees which we can not manage.

but Google had provided free machine learning artificial intellence course

link is https://ai.google/education

By this link atleast you can clear your basics. So why ot to try if it is free.

Thank you

take care


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