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Earn money online  while you sharing the files best website

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I will give short description about this site.and how its works .

The name of website is sharecash and link is is a pay per download site that claims you can make money in three easy steps. Just take 30 seconds to register, upload your files, and you could be ready to earn money.

In addition to earning money when others download your files, ShareCash also offers tools, tutorials, and support to help you gain interest in your files, which will ultimately help you earn money.

While other pay per download sites offer payouts like “$10 for 1000 downloads,” ShareCash offers an average of $.60 per download. This means that if you get 1000 downloads, you could potentially earn $600.

How Do Pay Per Download Sites Work?

With all pay per download sites, you upload your files to their system, and when someone downloads one of your files, you receive payment.
For the sites that tend to pay more per download, like ShareCash, people looking to download your files must complete a task, like a survey or an offer, before they can complete the download, or they can purchase a membership with the site.

Ultimately, these sites earn money from advertisers who either place cookies on the files that are downloaded or provide the surveys and offers that must be completed before the download is finished.
They also earn money when people choose to purchase a membership, which is why ShareCash offers special bonuses to people who can get members to buy a Premium membership – 30% of the membership cost.
ShareCash claims that you can earn money easier with their site than other PPD sites because their surveys are easier to unlock and they allow users from multiple different countries access to your files, which means more opportunity for downloading.

You can also refer other user to ShareCash and earn 10% of what they earn when users download their files as well. In order to cash out your account, you simply need to reach $10 in earnings.


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