zatpat breakfast : for egg lovers yummy breakfast

For egg lovers..!!
Zatpat quick dinner recipe eaten  with chapati 
Eggs eaten in a different way. Eggatrians!!
Name of dish :
( In Parsi)
means eggs on top of wafers
Items needed 4 eggs
Half teaspoon(1/2) red chili powder
150 gms wafers
I teaspoon cut fresh coriander leaves
Optional one cheese cube (shredded)
In Fry pan crush wafers,sprinkle some water to moist them,close lid and start gas.
Now beat eggs till fluffy
Cut coriander leaves finely
Grate cheese cube any brand
After 5 mins open lid,put hand on top to feel vapor, once u feel it,pour eggs mixture,mixture will rest on top of wafers,sprinkle chilies powder, coriander leaves and close lip.
Let cook for 3 mins, open sprinkle cheese, close lid. Cook for more one minute,until U see all the eggs are cooked and cheese has melted.
Cut into pieces and serve hot with or without chapati.
Bonn appetite !!


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