Hello Friends,

 Today I am going to share one of the best method for making money. This is free and without investment.

If you have any kind of knowledge any technique. You can share your information though this blog.

What is blog. 

Any kind of information, experience, recipe, technique in short and useful data  in simple form.

Who can write the blog .

So anybody can write the blog.

In every day life every person have different needs and   searching that information on the internet.

So we can share information or regarding experience of life in simple , understandable manner.

So can create our own blog.

Blogger is google one of the product.

Go to google and type Blogger .com

So in search  engine,  the very first option is for blogger.com

Go to blogger.com then sign in - You have to create the account. and have to give information about which type blogging you are making, like recipe, heath care, or vlog.. etc.

after Signing up you have to share post.

for earning you have to sign in ad sense account.

after successful 6 months of continuous posting and sharing your post. the google ad sense will take review of your blogs.

and You may eligible for making money.

via ad sense you have to make ad units and apply in your  post.

This is one of the best method to earn money.

If you don't have any ad sense account. or getting time for approval of ad-sense you can start affiliate marketing on your blog.

In my nest blog I will give all details how to sign in ad-sense account and how to put ads on your blog.

Thank You for reading the blog.


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