Earn in lakhs with just investing 99 rs.: Passive Income

HI friends,

Today I am going to share a very simple way to earn in lacs.
today's  world is marketing and digitized. Every small business has its own website.

So we have to search that which business is going up and not have website.

or we have to search that words which are now a days are very trending and there are possibilities of  it may convert into a big business. So You have to take that particular name.

Go to go daddy website or big rock website.

Mostly I suggest * Go to  go daddy  website.

purchase the domain for one year from that particular name.

After that put that name (domain name) for auction for whatever rate you want.

When that domain name is saled. You have ask for that code from godaddy. and you have to submit to the new purchaser.

This is ery genuial way to earn money.

tips:- You can search the domain names which are expiring soon.


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