Best home remedies for back pain..!

Hello Friends,

             In old days , There are back pain problem after the age of 35, But now a days there is common problem in below 35 age also.In India there are 60 percentage people are suffering from back pain in their life.

We are suffering from this back pain not only because of environment but also  because of life style also.

 If you are suffering back pain is for one or two days its not dangerous ,But yes if you suffering from 6 months to years, it may get chronic and take time to relive the pain.

So lets see why we are suffering from back pain . read the following reasons may be you are suffering one of them .

1) weight  lifting
2) sitting jobs
3) Obesity
4)in correctly due to sit
5) pregnancy
6)more worrying
7) bad sleeping
8) depressing
9) smoking
10) bad sleeping
12) suffering from mental stress job.

Now we will see the home remedies for relief from back pain.

Its not sure that you will completely cure but you will definitely get benefits.

1) take warm water add salt into into. deep the towel into it. after dripping all water from towel  
   put the warm towel around the back and above the stomach . Give hot steam to back.

2) Heat pad is the best option for back pain.

3) Vitamin D and calcium deficiency will also cause back pain. So early morning take sunlight for
    at least 15 to 20 Mins.

4) In daily life add eat calcium rich products, Like milk, banana, curd.spinach, carrot.. etc.

5) Daily half hour walking is also improve the stress and get benefits in walking.

6) Take honey and cinnamon powder half spoon each in the morning , get relief from extra fats
   and it will lose weight and benefits for back pain.

So friends, these are some useful tips. If you get relief from this tips please  comment or tell me via my email :

So stay healthy and stay tunned with me.

Take care


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