10 Best sweets of Indians for celebration of festivals.

10 Best sweets of Indians for celebration of festivals.
                No celebration is complete if there is nothing meetha in Kichen .  Indians and there fondness for sweets knows no bounds. A gajar ka halwa can make us go weak in our knees anytime. SO here are some Indian sweets with recipes. You must try once in your life. Then there are desserts that are season-specific.
But why forget , when we have the ever- so indulgent Gajar Ka Halwa to make us go weak in the knees in the nippy weather.
 Long story short, we have something for each season and each occasion in the vast collection called Indian Sweet Recipes.
Here are 10 Indian sweet recipes in Hindi that you can easily try making at home.
1)Chana Dal Ladoos
Rich and wholesome Halwa preparation made using chana dal flour, sugar and lots of Ghee is a treat you must not deprive yourself of. This dish is especially made in Diwali. And other festivals like Ganpati and Gauri.
The color of lodoos are golden and they are so soft and mouth watering that no one eat only one. In small kids its favorite dish.
2) Aam Shrikhand with Mango salad
IT is easily made at home. But In India , specially in Maharashtra ,” Chitale Bandu” – this brand is famous for these sweets. There are lots of type in this sweets like  Plain Amrakand, Shrikand.  A soothing mix of yogurt, cream, mangoes, milk, saffron and cardamom. Comforting and indulgent in equal measure this is a party favorite. It is soft and mouth watering. It is specially eat with Puri.
3) Kaju ki barfi
It is made of Kaju floor which is prepared in mixture grinder and sugar and pure ghee. Very easy to made.  Kaju  Katli lovers raise your hand. Turns out that your favorite festive treat can easily be prepared in the comfort of your kitchen with minimal ingredients. Quick, easy and an absolute favorite of all, there is no way you can go wrong with this one.
  4) . Shahi Tukda With Pineapple
This is made with bread, condescended milk, sugar. It gets aromatic twist with saffron and whole spices. This is also a wonderful dish which is made in India. So soft and delicious.
5)  Coconut Ladoos
Coconut ladoos made with coconut, sugar and ghee. We use dry fruits to make more tasty and healthy. Some one can use
Coconut ladoo  is the ultimate answer to your sugar cravings. Easy to prepare and so delicious, we bet you can't stop at one.
6) Sandesh
This is Bengoli Sweets. Very sweet in taste and made up of cottage cheese,  cardamom, saffron.
Its very milky and yummy.
7) Malai ki Kheer
There are lots khir is famous in India like rawa khir, Shevai Khir, wheat tukda khir(Lapsi).But delicious rice kheer is more famous in India.
Delicious rice kheer, cooked with condensed milk, khoya, cream and nuts. This rich Indian dessert is a festive favorite too.
8)  Gulab Jamun
Gulab Jamun should rank to number one in all sweets in India. Because  easily available and also made at home also.It comes in various sizes and color varies from  golden red to black . Black Jamun with dry fruit is also very famous .
Small balls of  khoya , mixed with  maida,ghee and water are friend in pure ghee or vanspati ghee.  and dipped and sugar syrup, has decadence written all over it.
9) Gajar ka Halwa
It is healthy yet tasty dish easily made at home.when Gajar (Carrots ) are easily available in market . specially in the month isDecember to April.Gajar ka halwa is the ultimate Indian winter treat, made from grated carrot, roasted with ghee till the water is absorbed from it. Then khoya is additionally added into it . it is optional. It is also roasted. Then added sugar and dryfruits.  This is one dish we have all grown up eating.
10) Malpua
A deep-fried pancake like Indian dessert, fried in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup is a festive favourite that would leave you craving for more. Even though the dish sounds complicated, this recipe is very easy to follow and you can achieve amazing results in very little time. Go ahead and give it a try!   


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