Sexual Intimacy in Marriage: 100 Facts Nobody Ever Told You About Sex and Romance Kindle Edition

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage: 100 Facts Nobody Ever Told You About Sex and Romance Kindle Edition

Sex is evidently the most important activity in a marriage relationship. The issue of trust and affection is put to rest when there is a good and regular sex.” --The Evidence

“Marriage should be spontaneous and interesting, and one of the ways to make your marriage fun is by actually taking the time to enhance your sexual activities.” –Dama Aloha

According to a scientific research, people are less likely to lie to someone they are sexually attracted to. Simply, this book is dedicated to reveal all the hidden tactics real people use to enhance sexual activities in their married relationship. It consists of bullet points on how to spice up your bedroom activities and actually derive real satisfaction.

This book will teach you how to improve your sexual intimacy even as you work on increasing the attraction you have between each other. And if you have trouble with initiating or having an enjoyable sex, this book also focuses on the things you should do to enjoy sex with your partner. 

Among the things you will learn….
•Emotional sex positions that creates intimacy
•How to attract husband sexually
•How to initiate sex with your husband
•How to improve your bed intimacy
•The secrets of spontaneous sex
•Ways to revive lost passion
•How to improve communication through sexual intimacy
•The influence of financial intimacy on sexual intimacy

Set yourselves for success even as you learn the greatest tips for an abundant sexual intimacy in your relationship.

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