Homemade Shampoo: A beginners guide to making homemade shampoo Kindle Edition

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to make your own shampoos. Learn about the benefits of going all-natural when it comes to the products that you use on your crowning glory. You will find a lot of shampoo recipes in this book that are effective and easy to do.

Aside from shampoos, this book provides samples of how you can make other hair products at home that are chemical-free, such as hair mousse, gel and hair spray. You will also find tips on how to handle common hair problems and how to properly care for the kind of hair that you have.

What you will learn in this guide:

The Importance of Learning about How to Make an All-Organic Shampoo
How to Begin Eliminating the Use of Commercially Available Shampoos
Herbs and Other Simple Solutions for the Hair
Homemade All-Natural Shampoo Recipes

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Home Made shampoo


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