Lose weight this Diwali with these tips

Don't get into misleading advices.. here comes the 10 worst weight loss tips. Worst weight loss tips are misleading advice out there when it comes to ways to lose weight… here are few tips to avoid.

 Never ignore exercise: when you are trying to lose weight it's easy to focus only on counting calories. But it's important to put down the calculator at least long enough to exercise. Exercise should be a major part of every weight loss and health Maintainence plan. Experts recommend that atleast 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week plus muscle strengthening resistance training activities three times per week.

Never restrict certain food groups: sure, weight loss is all about calculations if you take fewer calories than your body needs for fuel, you end up with an energy shortfall and weight loss.

Never weigh your self everyday: when trying to lose weight, the number on the scale may weigh heavy on your mind. Although it's not very true for everyone, many people find stepping on the scale every day can be discouraging, especially if the result doesn't match your expectation. 
Never rely on frozen diet foods: frozen diet dinners seem like the perfect weight loss prescription. The frozen diet dinners have around 300 calories and as little as protein like 7 gms 

Never pop weight loss supplements: weight loss with supplements, science doesn't seem to support these claims. A recent survey on weight loss supplements show very little evidence that they actually work.
Never cut out carbs
Never forget to take plenty of fluids in the form of water or shakes
Never try a detox diet
Don't try to make a room for low nutrient snacks
Don't deny your self treats once in a while


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