Twitter Night Mode Coming To Desktop Website Soon

Twitter is finally bringing its Night Mode feature to its desktop website. The social networking company is reportedly in the process of testing out a darker UI for its website — a feature that it first introduced on its mobile app.
According to 9To5Google, Twitter’s Night Mode for its desktop website will not at all change the way the site works. Just like what this feature does to the Twitter app, the timeline on the desktop website will switch to a much darker shade, making it easy for the user’s eyes to view content while enjoying a late-night tweeting spree.
When Night Mode is switched on, all white UI elements on the screen will be transformed to dark gray. Other colors are also changed to fit the darker mood of the website. In effect, the entire website becomes easy on the eyes.

At present, Twitter is only enabling this feature to a select few. To check if you have access to Night Mode, you should click on your profile photo and then select the Night Mode tab (if present) at the bottom of the pop-up list. Doing so will activate the feature. For those who do not have access to Twitter’s desktop website Night Mode, they may view the screenshots here (courtesy of 9To5Google’s Joe Maring) to have a glimpse of the changes this feature does.


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