Google is updating the Search app for your phone

Google app has been a one stop solution for all news and other updates for many smartphone users. It automatically updates your feeds with latest news, score, weather update, reminders for meetings, birthdays, pending card payments and even gives map suggestions based on your location. Users can also use the Google app to search the web or content on other Google apps.
Google has been pushing new features in the Google app on Android and iOS to make it more relevant to users. Some of these are already available while the rest are being rolled out in phases.
We take a look at some of the new features which you may have missed.

Question and answers
Google has added a Q& A section in Google search. So if you are searching for a place, the Q &A section will pop up with questions asked by other users about the place along with the answers given by the owner of the place or other users. If you find an answer helpful, you can give it thumbs up vote and it will show higher in the results to others. In case you have some other or more queries you can ask questions in the Q&A section and wait for an answer from others. 

Voice commands in regional languages
In order to make its apps useful to wider demographic in India, Google has added the regional language option in a number of apps such as Gboard, Translate and Google Search. Recently Google added nine more languages in addition to Hindi to the voice commands in the Google search app. This means you can also give voice commands in Urdu, Punjabi, Oriya, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, and Telugu.
Offline tools
The offline mode in the Chrome browser is also available in the Google search app. So you can save a webpage on Google search app by tapping on the arrow icon in the menu page. However the Content you want to save will be downloaded and made available on the Chrome browser. In addition to it, Google app also remembers your searches when you are offline and will send a notification when the phone is connected again and the article can be accessed.


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