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Hello Friends...!

Its every girl's dream that her skin should be  white and glowing. It  gives huge confidence for growing all around.So if your skin is not white or tan because of sun .. or damaged because of skin burn.

So here are some tips ...

Make the paste of all ingredients which listed below
one spoon coconut oil
one spoon turmeric powder
one spoon of  lime
two spoon of  besan
add some fresh cream or milk
to make a little thick paste.
Apply this on your face for 30 min. and wash with normal water. You can rub - before wash .So small hairs on your face become lighter and grow slowly.

Natural bleach at home.

Take potato . Smash it and apply the juice on face for at least 20 min. And wash it off.

For sun tan 

Take Tomato with small amount  sugar apply on skin where is skin burn & now massage at least 10 min. Then wash.

Take care of your self....!