know your breasts...!

Hello friends,

The most beautiful gift  from nature is our life .Our family is the part of our life. To fulfill our life you take care of your family and manage everything . But in this race how many times you think about yourself.
So by taking care of ourselves , by taking care of our breasts which is our part of the body which getting always neglected by ourselves.

Today we  are going to learn how to take care of our breasts.

First stand in front of mirror, put your hands backside above head & see is there any changes like dimpling, redness, bulging, a rash, swelling, discharge..!

Then put your hands on waist & see is there any changes in breast contour.

Then palpate figures with your hand in circular direction also include your shoulder & axilla to see any enlargement of nodes or any swelling.

Now lie down on your back, use your right hand to check your left breast and left hand to right breast to feel deep tissues.

Ensure you cover the whole breast either go from top to bottom or side to side in rows.
Getting to know your breasts will help you to quickly pick up any changes.

Always examine our breasts during ovulation period . they occur after 14 days of our periods.

Did you find a lump!

The majority of breast lumps are benign, but don't take any chances
: book a check-up with your doctor.

Remember : Breast self examination should never replace regular mammogram.

Take care of yourself....!


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