Thursday, 31 May 2018

Clothing pads - True facts

How Much Useable to Use Clothing Pads? Answer the questions you have about clothing pads. Many women are aware that synthetic disposable paddles harm the environment. So many of them are looking for safe, environment-friendly alternatives. There is a choice of menstrual caps for this. But not all that would be convenient. Then the second option is the clothes paddles. This is definitely an environmental supplement and it is also convenient to use. However, after the habit of using disposable pads, many questions come to mind after using a ready-made clothing pad. These answers to those questions. How to distinguish clothing pads with disposable pads?

 Clothing pads good for disposable pads Clothing pads are not sticky on the back side. Instead he has side wings. So the pad stays in one place. Because the wings are not too sticky, they are less likely to stick to the mattress or move the pad.
 Clothing pads are definitely more soft than synthetic disposable paddes, and the winds play near the vagina. Some clothing pads have plastics lining so bleeding does not leak. How long should the clothes of the clothes change? It depends on the extent of bleeding. It is still necessary to change the pad in 4-6 hours. Also, changing the pad depends on how often. It's up to you when you start using clothes paddles. How to change the cloth pads while outdoors? Changing this pad is as easy as replacing disposable pads. But, instead of throwing it in the bucket of rubbish, keep it clean or wash immediately after coming home. To wrap the pad, use ziplock pouch or pad pouch (in which pad is bunded) and then wash and clean the pad. Does not the clothing paddles cause stain? Does he smell? Many clothes paddes are made by Stain Resistance material. It does not bother easily. It is also less likely to become stained or smell after washing. Use anti-bacterial liquid to clean it properly. How to clean clothes cloths? Wash the pads as well as other clothes. Hold down the pad tube. So blood will flow from it. Then wash it with soap. It will take about 2-4 hours to dry the pad. Generally, how much clothing pad a woman will take? It depends on the extent of bleeding. Also, how often you wash the pads. A seasoned woman who is out of the house for a long time will have 8-10 paddes and 2 pads per night. Where can you get clothes paddles? These pads are available in e-commerce stores. Also, some businessmen do business with this. You can contact them. ================================================ Is It Healthy to Use Clothing Pads? Are you worried about the use of clothing pads? Then read the advice of the female pathologist. Earlier, the clothing pad was being used on a monthly basis. Some women still use it. But Indian women mostly use sanitary napkins. Those types of tampons and menstrual cups are not being used more. The clothes pad is used in rural areas, in rural areas. Pads made from saree, towels, napkins, bedsheets are good and cheap to use. 
Similarly, there is no harm to the environment as well. However, sometimes it is inconvenient to use it. There are many misconceptions about women in mind.
 Are Clothing Pads Good for Health? They are mainly used because sanitary napkins are easy to use and safe. But this does not mean that it is not good to use a clothing pad. Max Hospital's Consultant Gynaecologist and Unit Head Dr New Delhi According to Uma Vaidyanathan, using paddles of old sarees, towels, napkins, etc. has no effect on health. But they need to be washed clean. And the ability to absorb the dishes of the clothing pad is less than sanitary napkins. So they have to constantly change. But they also depend on the amount of secretion. There is no restriction on what kind of clothes to use for paddes. But using cotton clothes would be better. Because it will continue to flow in the vagina. Similarly, the exploitation capacity of cotton cloth is more than the other clothes. But, avoid using too old clothes. The reason is that there is a possibility of allergic reactions. The loss of use of a clothing pad means that they are quickly wet. So it is inconvenient to use it at night. Also, padding can be a result of stomach disorders, and the area near the vagina can be very wet in the atmosphere, which increases the risk of infection. To reduce this risk, keep proper hygiene during menstrual cycle. Rinse the pads using water and soap and let it dry up naturally. ==============================================


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